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Over the past years, the college search and application process has become more and more complicated. Students are now facing
significantly increased competition for admission and elevated difficulty in gaining entry into an ideal school. EasyThru Learning offers
unique, expert college application counselling services which will help students find the right college and successfully navigate their
college admissions.

For freshman and sophomores, we provide personalized guidance plan on course selection, extracurricular activities, summer
experiences, and standardized testing. For juniors and seniors we work closely with students for essays and resume writing, testing
arrangement, interview prep, and career planning. Here are highlights of our services:
Knowledgeable: You will experience the benefit of working with an expert with firsthand knowledge of hundreds of colleges and
intimate knowledge of the admissions process.
Personalized: We provide thorough analysis of students’ strength and characteristics, and advise them on an individual basis to
maximize both short-term and long-term success.
Comprehensive: From college and career selection to essay coaching, from acing the interview to interpreting financial aid, we
provide expert advice every step of the way.
Affordable: Our consultation services are charged on an hourly basis, so you will be forced to buy a costly and inefficient package.

College application is an important part of a student’s life. It is also a great opportunity for students to learn, investigate, grow, and
mature. Therefore, our counselling services are only to guide but not to control them. At EasyThru Learning, we are always doing
everything we can to ensure students are engaged in leading their own ventures.
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College Application
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